“Mediumship is not about working to finding your purpose…

“Mediumship is not about working to finding your purpose and pathway in life. Finding your pathway in life will lead you to your purpose, and maybe then your purpose becomes mediumship”.

The need to discover “I am sensitive so I must do/be…” is common to hear, and why am I so sensitive, what do I need to do with it? 

Firstly, we are all sensitive. Every single one of us. 

I don’t think I have ever met or will ever meet someone who is not sensitive. It’s a human trait, we are all sensitive. 

The difference is, some people embrace their sensitivity and other perhaps unconsciously or consciously ignore it or don’t have an understanding of it. 

They don’t have a “feeling” for it, don’t see it as a sensitivity, don’t believe in that or are not living in connection or what I would call an awareness of their ‘sensitive self’. 

That’s also ok and it is also human.

We all will have, even with a sceptical mind, an experience when we knew something wasn’t right or it was the right thing to do. A sensitive person may experience or explain this as paying attention to their sensitivity. A perhaps sceptical mind will call it chance or find another reason for making or knowing that right choice. It seems there is no conscious awareness or inner feeling in that split second of the choice being made. 

We all also do that. And does it really matter what it is or where ‘it comes from’? No probably not. But we are curious human beings.

What does matters, is doing what feels right for us, and taking credit and responsibility for the good and bad choices we make. 

We may have a sensitive feeling, a knowing or a thought and that’s the easy bit. The hard bit is paying attention to it. Will I go with my mind chatter of ideas or my first instinct? Was it my mind first then I agreed with it? Was it an initial “gut feeling” then I analysed it with my mind? 

Then we have our other mind though creations like “ok but what if..? Maybe they won’t like me if..? Maybe it won’t work because..? Etc. 

What can we do when we recognise we pay attention to our sensitivity more than some people around us? 

Following the philosophy of the Natural Medium, it would bring you to an understanding of your sensitivity. 

Not to make ourself all mighty and better or more special than others but, give ourself the opportunity to understand the why and how we are aware of our own sensitivity more than others. 

There can be all sorts of reasons why one individual seems to sense the world and another seem to be more apparently un-sensitive to the world. How can we learn to understand ourselves and learn to be in positive control of our sensitivity rather than our sensitivity being in control of us? This philosophy has brought me so much in-site into how we really are and what we really do. 

Being sensitive does not necessarily mean that I must actively do something with it. I can believe it or not. It can, believe it or not, be telling me more about myself and where I am in life with myself. It can also psychologically tell us a lot about ourself and how we have lived our life so far and how we are living our life today.  

We could be curious to connect and understand our own sensitivity. Great. To understand is different to working towards a purpose and goal to do something. When we are willing to take the time to understand, genuinely understand ourselves, we will find the way to a deeper purpose, if that is what the purpose is. 

If we want to understand because we think it should serve a purpose, we will miss the point and understanding of it completely. 

So when we recognise our sensitivity, there is far more to discover than what should I do with it. That, is the end result not the beginning.