About John.

John has been involved in the development of sensitivity training for almost 20 years. This involves self development, self expression, intuitive and spiritual awareness, public presentation, meditation practice and more.  

Healing journey of my life.


As a young boy, John had the awareness of unseen friends. 

After a close neighbour passed suddenly, John had awoken knowing about this event just before hearing the deafening screams from the neighbour. They discovered their 18 year old son dead in the living room. John was just 11 years old at the time.

This, looking back was sad, shocking and unpredictable Yet gave recognition and knowing of things unseen.

Through many years of his own development the purpose became clear; Heal thy self. 

In healing of the self the power of perception and awareness became a part of his very existence. There is no separation. 

Mediumship is life and life is Mediumship.



Let's start the healing and the journey to discover your natural ability. If it is for your own self growth or spiritual growth, lets talk and see what is possible.