Workshop - "The Shadow self" I have just completed John’s course entitled ’The Shadow Self’. This course enables you to come face to face with aspects of your inner self, which affect our lives, but to a greater degree remain hidden. This course enables you to turn what had always been a negative emotion or aspect into a positive; and live in and own your true authentic self. Thank you John.’ Jo.

Workshop - “The shadow self”. I just finished this workshop, it is amazing how looking at your shadow self can give you such a positive feeling. Thank you John for creating this wonderful opportunity to meet our shadow self and as always for creating a safe, positive and supporting environment where we can develop in our own way in our own time
Monique Darricarrere 🇳🇱

General - John’s workshops have brought about feelings of joy, achievement and a clear sense of direction in my personal development and mediumship. His respectful, humorous, empathic and appreciative way sets the tone for a warm atmosphere in the group. This creates a safe space for me to open up to the tasks and challenges that John assigns to help everyone grow in their own unique pace and way.What I find most striking is the incredible variety of practical tools that help you put new realizations into practice. This ensures that you take home a lasting result which helps you improve your mediumship and yourself in the long run. Christine, Germany.

Workshop “Who Am I?”- I never thought it possible to find a satisfying answer to this question in just four evenings, but it worked! The journey was fun, profound, revealing and creative, and it made me look at my own truth in all honesty and from so many different angles. I liked the session on values and goals best because the methods John gave us will be of great help for many life decisions to come. John has a real gift to create a safe space with exactly the right balance between individual work and the possibility to share revelations in pairs or small groups if it feels right. I feel empowered and balanced as a result of this workshop. Thank you, John! A.S, Germany

Workshop “The Shadow Self”. John has given me feelings of peace and unity with myself which I hadn’t expected considering the subject. There are so many interesting psychological aspects to discover in this that I can highly recommend the workshop to everyone, not only mediums. However, I do feel that my mediumship really benefits from it, too, because having a better understanding and acceptance of the bits that I may not have wished to see about myself before makes me more perceptive to the range and wealth of other people’s experiences. C.S, Germany.

Workshop - Who am I?
How well do we really know ourselves? This course was an interesting journey into the realm of self awareness and self love. John challenges us to take a deep dive, to take a look into our core values; as to understand yourself is to understand others. I highly recommend this course to those seeking guidance and intelligent insight on your own path of Mediumship.In gratitude, Debra L.

Workshop - Who am I? I recently attended the personal development Course Who am I? with John. To say this course was insightful is an understatement, I found that John's unique way of teaching not only gave insight to myself, my struggles, my worth but also the tools I can use when making big or small decisions within my life to get to my goals by embracing my values! I found it refreshing and encouraging to see that John not only puts a course together but takes the journey with you by embracing his own volunabilty, giving the best of himself so his students can gain the best of themselves! Thank you John, the Goals and Values Day was the biggest eye opener for myself and an evening that will remain with me for a long time to come! Kim Duggan

Workshop - Who am I? This course was a fabulous journey of realisation that enabled one to place perspective on life events and not to let them identify you. There was the enduring realisation of the depth of our own tenacity to withstand and succeed in our continued survival and predominantly to acknowledge our own power and strength as unique individuals that we are.’ Jo Green

General - I met John while on a course in the Arthur Findlay College where I was placed in his class. Commitment: I have to say I was blown away by the fact John takes the time to understand what each of his students need within their personal and spiritual development. I have had the privilege to sit with John on a one to one basis and attend some of his courses and through his guidance.Self development: I find myself becoming more and living more of my own authentic self, he has not only helped me develop my mediumship but helped me live my mediumship and while it's not always an easy journey it has been a fun one! So if you want a compassionate, very honest, hard working tutor and you are willing to explore every aspect of yourself, I would highly recommend John to aid you on your Journey. I will always be grateful to you for seeing the potential in me and look forward to continuing the journey. Kim Duggan, Ireland.

1-1 sessions. The 1-1 sessions have been such a benefit to my development. I struggles to find my own mediumship and John helped me to find it! I feel i have grown so much under his guidance in a short time. In gratitude, Emma, Canada.

1-1 sessions. Having done training with John many times at AFC and it never fails to amaze me how creative, informative and supportive he is. I have had many teachings in the past but his view of natural mediumship not only changed my mediumship for the better but also my own life! Sandra, UK1-1 sessions. Wow! I have developed more in these 1-1 sessions than I have in any other training course over the years! Thanks! David, USA.

General - Believing in yourself is one thing. Discovering your true self is another! Thanks so much John for all you have done for me. S. Switzerland.

General - I started doing mediumship and I wanted a down to earth approach to it. Boy did i find the very person! John's relaxed and fun way of looking at my development has given me confidence i never knew was possible in myself. Su, Italy.

Workshop Mediumship - The course i have attended have been eye opening to say the least. John has this great gift to simplify mediumship and bring it in a way which just makes sense! Is it easy? No, is it worth it absolutely! Thanks so much! Stacy USA.

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