There are not many guarantees in life.

One is that we will die. So if we are all to die well, then surely we should all learn to live well.

Many see the journey of spiritual development as something to do or to achieve rather than something to become.

My own journey was never about doing, it was about trying to understand myself, my own inner world and my own personal powers of awareness and perception. 

Through development I of course, at one point, got to the same place as many people do. What am I to do with this new found awareness? It wasn't until I started to look at my own personal development that I learned it was not a new found awareness. It was the awareness that I have always have had but I had lost contact with it.

My journey then became more clear.

Be yourself, the best you can be. Live your truth, the best truth you can find. 

Be the best version of yourself. 

The side effect of this is the doorway to perception. Not only can we reconnect to it, but we can learn to trust it again, to follow its lead and to embrace all the qualities that we possess. The true aspect of mediumship and more importantly spirituality, starts to present itself to ourselves and to the world.

For this reason and through my own experience, I believe that the true 'Natural Medium' can never fully be embraced by the great power within us until we come home to the reality of who and what we really are. This will ultimately set us free to become the truest expression of who and what we are.

As long as we are breathing, we all have the chance to change. Change, is not about becoming something we are not, it's the chance to get back to what we were born to be. Ourselves. To express and love ourselves and others as we all truly are within our own perception and vulnerability. When the time comes to return home, I hope to return being the same pure essence as when i was born, but with new experiences of this life to take back with me. 

What do you hope for? How will you manifest it in your life today?