The Natural Medium – Online USA and Canada 

Your time, your development, your mediumship!

I have worked with mediumship all my life and the last 17 years I have devoted my time and life to be actively involved in the expression and the teaching of what has become my philosophy of “The Natural Medium.”

I’m going to offer to you the opportunity to rejuvenate your mediumship, yourself and as a unfolding student of mediumship. 

Let me offer you the opportunity of online workshop(s) which, within the true philosophy of The Natural Medium, is to strip your mediumship of its habits, restrictions, routines and comforts away to endeavour to help you to re-own and understand your personal mediumship. 

Today and the last years of mediumship teachings have crated for thousands of students so many mental structures and comforts for today’s mediums that we are becoming confused, robotic, repetitive and feeling empty in ourself. 

Many are loosing confidence, and unsure of the way of their own mediumship as we are repeatedly taught how to do the mediumship of others. 

Let’s break the chain of events and unlock our individual potential so we may express truly the voice of the ‘living’ soul. 

Let’s make the change so we can express the true voice of the voiceless. 

Let’s make ourselves become once more at home within the power and presence of the power that we are. 

I offer you the “Natural Medium – Online” 4 session in a month to endeavour to create the journey that encourages you to discover your true nature. 

Examples of possible teaching and practical practice sessions Includes:

Understand the power and purpose of sitting with the self.

The power and potential of the intuitive.

The bridge between two worlds.

The intelligence of the spirit.

Following and understanding the natural law of the souls need. 

Plus more! 

Starting September 2020:

Time : 18:00 – 20:00 EDT!

Cost: $186.00 USD

Cost: $249.00 CAD 

When: September 2020 8, 10, 15, 17

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