We all want to understand and have a great depth of knowledge. The saying “Knowledge is power” is very true, and with power comes great responsibility.

The stumbling block is when knowledge stays as knowledge and does not become wisdom.

Knowledge can be turned into wisdom through the self healing of life and of ourselves. When we heal something and truly understand it, it can become our wisdom.

It also can become wisdom when we live the experience and allow it to become part of us.

One of the biggest struggles with students is they are taught so much and it’s never really integrated into their own wisdom as it stays in the mind as knowledge. So when they do their mediumship practice they will ‘default’ into what they naturally do regardless of the teaching received over days, weeks or years.

Through the philosophy of the natural medium is it the meaning to endeavour to give you the practice and support to bring this transformation within you.

Be natural, just be you.

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