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Online Via Zoom

1-1 sessions still available, limited places. 

There is the opportunity for one on one sessions.

These are 5×1 hour sessions* and are booked in the block of 5 sessions.

(*Valid for 5 months from first session.)

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January 2022

17 – 20 January – The unstuck medium! Online via zoom.

7.30pm – 9.30pm Uk Time

I offer you the opportunity to discover and share my own knowledge. I endeavour to give you some options and support to get unstuck in your mediumship work. 

When we practice or work we, like everyone, hit problems. What to do next, how to get out of the ‘problem’ etc. 

I am happy for you to tell me the areas you get stuck on and I will do my best to cover as many of the issues as possible.

I can tell and teach the struggles I have had, but this is not going to always be where your own struggles are.



February 2022                                               

13 (Online – start date) – The mediums pathway to unfoldment –  is, for John, not how many practice sessions you have done, or how many good bits of information you hit on. Its about the journey of the inner world to discover the inner talent and ability that ultimately, will become the true pathway to our unfoldment. 

Coming together for these days we will look to discover and put our discoveries into practice to help each of us to find the inner pathway.

As these days will be with talks, discovery as well as practical discovery we will be working together on Sunday’s from 6pm to 10pm Uk time each session. Bring us to a total of 16 hours of work and discovery.  

The course will include:

Feb 13th 2022 Purpose and philosophy.

March 13th 2022 Whats getting in the way? Personal challenges and discoveries.

April 10th 2022 My body, Perfection and pleasing.

8th May 2022 – The technical vs The spiritual.

Start time: 6pm – 10pm UK time.

Media: Zoom

Cost: £389

All Workshops in 2022

This year John will be on courses at AFC – London.

Toronto – Canada.

Switzerland – French and German.

Dublin – Ireland.

Höganäs – Sweden.

January 2022

17 – 20 January – The unstuck medium! Online via zoom.
22 – Sweden – Day of meditation and healing– Day workshop in Höganäs with meditation and discovery of healing for the self and others. Email:
24 – Free online via zoom – practice sessions: via zoom 7.30pm – 9pm UK Time

Email: for information and link for zoom room.

February 2022

5 – 7 Swiss german – Weekend workshop. Organiser – Sara Egger Switzerland.

Contact Sara –

13 (Online – start date) – The mediums pathway to unfoldment

22 – Healing AFC Online – 1/1.5 hour session on spiritual healing for SNUi Members.

24 feb – 4 March Swiss French Week course. Organiser – Carole Sciboz 


March 2022

26 – 2 April – The Natural Medium Course Organiser John Johnson AFC College London. 

April 2022

16 – 23 Swedish week AFC – Course organiser Mia Ottosson

May 2022

14 – 21 Swiss week AFC – Course organiser Bill Thomson.