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Online development workshops.


The Evidence, The Messager, The Seer. 

Dates: June 11, 18, 25 and 2 July
Cost: £149 via Paypal
As with all aspects of mediumship the difficult aspect is proving what we believe to be true, that we do not die. 
Receiving information is often regarded as ‘the easy bit’ knowing what to do with it, how to work with it and the importance of it is the struggle we collectively have.
We will start with a look at evidence
How we work with information is in my philosophy of understanding, within the intelligence of the experience. But do we see the intelligence and understand the story the spirit world is trying to share and express? And in that intelligence are we following the truest possible experience of the message they they wish to express? 
The message is and always has been ‘we are not dead’ but of course understanding the bigger picture opens the book of their life and lets us to have a peek into a few chapters of the recipients life. 
Understand the message as a spiritual purpose of recognition, understanding or support. 
The Seer aspect of mediumship is a spiritual experience of in-site. Intelligent in its working, yet a part of mediumship which today is not encouraged as much as the past. Sadly understandable as it’s often miss used.
The seer was always used by our pioneers in a mostly spiritual sense. Unfortunately as Spiritualism grew more popular it was then used to make life predictions which in the way they were expressed removed the freewill of the clients by telling them a ‘tall man was waiting for them’ which gave the impression that no work had to be done to get the rewards in life. This then moved to fortune telling. This as we know is not what mediums or psychic do within the spiritual practice of responsibility. We do not purposely predict the future. Although The seer aspect is possible within the mediumship experience, the understanding of it gives in-site to its working and purpose.
Taking the seer aspect back to its origin and its purpose we will endeavour to touch on the reverence of the seer and understand its power and simplicity. I will be sharing teaching from 1864 that refer to the understanding of seer aspect of how it works that seems relevant for todays understanding.
A few different ways in which the seer could work and its purpose. 
Of course as this a short course but i will try to fit as much in as possible regarding these subjects. 

The Demonstrator – Platform Mediumship

Start July 9, 23, 30 & 6 Aug at 7PM UK Time via Zoom.

Cost: £149 via PayPal

This workshop will look to the understanding of platform demonstration mediumship. The techniques we can use and individual room practices.

As with all aspects of mediumship to understand its purpose and not only how to ‘do it’ but know how to deal with it is of upmost importance.

This workshop we will look at the demonstrator.

The purpose, ways of working, presentation skills, dealing with direction, dealing with the no, working the evidence etc as much as we can manage in the four evening sessions. As well as short talks and practical practice I hope this helps to enhance the understanding of ‘The Demonstrator’ so when we have to be in public we have the skills to work with them in a respectful and professional manner.