Natural mediumship online education.

1-1 sessions still available, limited places. 

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There is the offering of on one training sessions. These are 1 hour sessions and are booked in blocks of 5. 

Online Workshop – 7 – 23 January 2020

One introduction, four teaching training sessions and one review session. 

Private Sittings.

To work with other people is a privilege, and to help people in the process to help themselves is an honour. 

Working in a private situation with a sitter has many beautiful opportunities as well as many challenges. 

In the 4 sessions of this online workshop, we are going to endeavour to take a step into the world of the private sitting medium to bring about the meaning and purpose so we can help to serve well in our work. 

Both the psychic and mediumistic parts are important as each other. Although the psychic part is often overlooked, it is an important part and at times more important than communication with the spirit world. 

January 2020 online course £149

Introduction 7th January – Start Time:19:00

Session 1 – 9th January

Session 2 – 14th January 

Session 3 – 16th January

Session 4 – 21st January 

Review session 23rd January 


Start Time: All sessions – 19:00 BST 

Sessions 1- 4 – approx 2 hours each.

Price: £149.00 PayPal.