We will talk about situations in and around your physical life at this time or in the past. For example your work, relationship or money and will give some help, guidance and reflection on such situations if required, no fortune telling will take place as the future is yours to decide, not ours, but it may be possible to talk about a potential that you have that you are already moving towards.


This type of sitting is to firstly to provide evidence of your friends, family or associates that you have know in this physical life. Such as their character and how they lived life, then if needed, we shall pass on, support, help, healing or guidance from them to you as your friends or loved ones may have done in their physical life.

Any advice given must be taken as advice only. You are responsible for your own life choices and decisions as this is your free will to decide for yourself. If your friends come from the Spirit World they will NOT tell you what to do with your life,  just as when they where physically in this world they did not have all the answers to your problems!!

It may be possible that in you’re sitting there is a combination of both the psychic and mediumistic aspects.

Email: TutorJohnJohnson@Gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: ALL Sittings are experimental and no guarantees are made, and no predictions will be offered.

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