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“Natural Mediumship” It is the ability through expression and practical practice helps us to unfold to help us to be our truest self. This creates the possibility to share our personal perception from the world around and the world within us”. John Johnson OSNU

About ten years previous I woke up to the idea of “Natural Mediumship”. I have used this title ever since. Also starting a course as a course organiser at the Arthur Findlay College in England called “The Natural Medium“.

Being a Tutor of Mediumship development for many years before this time, I would like most others, teach what i got taught. I eventually realised for many students this does not work for them as they are not me, as much as i am not them.

Through my own understanding, self development and my continued developing philosophy, I endeavour to embrace the truest experience of the journey of the self and the medium. I hope this helps bring me into my own natural way as the sensitive. To allow myself to share the true power that lies within myself, my heart and share it with my voice to others. 

So the last years I have embarked on a journey to challenge my own teaching of Mediumship. As we gain experience our perceptions and understanding changes, if I am not changing I am not developing.

So what is my own meaning with Natural Mediumship?

  • Being you.
  • Trusting and being true to you’re experiences exactly as they are.
  • Sharing from your own natural awareness.
  • Following your own inner voice.
  • Self Development.
  • Being vulnerable.

We all have a unique gift. It does not make us special or any better than anyone else. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. What is our natural way of working and being?

Firstly it is about being ourselves. How can we be natural if we can’t be ourselves? To express our true nature is to be as fully aware of ourself and our own perceptions as much as that is mentally and emotionally possible now.

We can be taught so much that it can often get in the way of our natural way of being. Sometimes having too much information pulls us further away from our natural self rather than help us to understand and get closer to ourselves.

Within my teachings and discoveries I always endeavour to encourage and to help you within self awareness, and that’s not always comfortable but it does helps to share your true inner voice.

Be vulnerable and come to that place within you where your naturalness flows without effort or thinking, the place that just is; Natural.


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