The attainment of Truth. Arthur Kitson

The attainment of truth. Alfred Kitson

Conductor: It is written. “The truth shall make you free”, so that its attainment is highly desirable.

It will free us from the errors of superstition and erroneous traditions, which are often the cause of religious bigotry and strife.

It will free us from all errors concerning our spiritual nature, and our relation to God and mankind.

When we desire to ascend a mountain in order to reach an elevated table-land, where we can enjoy an unobstructed vision, and live in a purer atmosphere, we can only do so by patient and persistence effort.

We can only reach the high table-land of truth by patiently climbing the ladder of progress, whose steps lead up to it.

They have been hewn out of the rocky side of the mountain of life by the combined powers of experience, experiment, inspiration and revelation.

Conductors: What is the first step?

An earnest to gain the truth.

Conductors: Why an earnest desire?

Because with many the desire for truth is merely a passing fancy which vanishes at the first obstacle that confronts them.

Conductors: What are the chief obstacles which so easily frighten people from seeking the truth?

Superstition and tradition crated through selfishness and ignorance, and influenced by public opinion and consideration of self-interest.

Conductors: What becomes of those who fail victims to these vices?

They are rendered deaf to the voice of reason, and blind to its clear light, their minds being filled with fear and dread that the steps of progress lead down to the regions of darkness and death, instead of up to light and everlasting life.

Conductors: What is he second step?

A willingness to receive the truth without saying from what source, or in what manner, or by whom shall be given us.

Conductors: What is the third step?

Courage to follow the truth wherever it may lead us.

Conductors: Does it prove a very hard task? May it not cause us to lose the esteem of friends and social position?

Certainly, but if we love our friends and social standing better than truth, we can never reach the high-table land and gain freedom.

Conductors: What is the fourth step?

Willingness to cherish and defend the truth at all times, and at all cost, prizing it above all that the world can offer in exchange.

Conductors: What is the fifth step?

To live by it daily, and adhere to it at all times, and in all places.

Conductors: What ids the sixth step?

To let its benefit light, illuminate the pathway of others.

Conductors: What is the seventh step?

The consistent application of truth in every department of life to the well-being and elevation of many, against that of the few.