Teaching or being taught?

“Getting teaching and being taught can be seen in two different ways. One will give you space to discover what is going on; the other will tell you what you have to do”.

Growing up, we are used to getting told what we should do. All through the years our parents, teachers, peers, lecturers, bosses etc. all telling how things need to be done. Which is what we all generally need to understand society and our communities about what is ok and what is not ok.

We all reach an age and time when we should be given, make or have the space to discover and find our own way and voice.

But in some areas in our unfoldment it just gets in the way.

The Natural Medium philosophy challenges this “normal way of learning”. Simply because we are all individual, unique and special in who we are. There is not another person 100% exactly like us on the planet.

When it comes to understanding and expressing our sensitivity, do we think doing what others do is going to work for us? Do we think or even want to be a clone of someone else? Is it going to be in our best interest or theirs?

This philosophy does not limit us in our unfoldment, rather is breaths life and space into it. It helps us to nurture ourself to become what we are and needs to be. Individual.

There is a red line of what we understand we are meant to do, discover, achieve and create, but there is no book of heavenly rules on how to get there. And where is there anyway.

Are you getting teaching or are you being taught?

Do you notice that no matter how much teaching you receive you just can’t get to the ‘next level’?

Are you still looking for that, what you believe, will be the perfect exercise to get you past your latest struggle?

Maybe you have all you need. Is it time to understand the difference between getting teaching to being taught.