“A person that isn’t at peace with his/her self, will be at war with the rest of the world”

Who am I ? Who was I ? What have I become? Why am I the way I am?

The questions never stop coming…

The pathway to the true unfoldment of the sensitive is, in my opinion, through the awakening of the self. Because when we have also the safety, space and freedom to express it gives the possibility to be the best expression of yourself.

Teaching others.

Most importantly throughout my teachings I always involve self development, or self reflective work. I have spend many years in that process myself, and although I don’t think I will be finished with it in this life, I know how hard I have worked. I have discovered so much. I am much more ‘me’ today than in the many years of my life before. In my own development this has brought me so much understanding of the expression of my soul and my mediumship.

My concept and teachings have changed over the years. For me I credit the professional help taken which has helped me to be reconnected with my own reality and honesty. By doing this I can offer the best to others. I’m sure my mediumship would not be like it is now if I had never embarked on my own journey of self awareness.

To develop ourselves is an amazing experience in many ways.

Often when we start to discover who and what we really are, we can wish we hadn’t started. We can move into a reality of who and what we really are and what life I have really been living. For many is not a very comfortable place to visit never mind stay there. Is reality better than fiction? We always have a choice.

It is easier for a lot of us to stay in the bubble we have created about life and who we think we are.

Never seeing what we truly have become in the eyes of the world is safer than owning and accepting the reality. Attacking other people, judging other, gossiping about others, feeling like the world is against us, expressing anger in a passive aggressive manner and so on.

These are only a few things we will do or have done to keep ourselves feeling stronger than others. Maybe it’s just because we are all human. But when we can heal our own pain we will no longer be angry, loosing the need to want to attack other people around us or the world.

It’s never our fault anyway is it? 

We love to blame everyone and anyone for our problems. We love to focus on other peoples lives and their problems and have opinions about them. This it’s a great way to get away from own.

“I don’t have a problem, it’s them”. I’m fine, it’s the world and them over there that has the problems. I’t not me, its never me, its always others…

John, Wake up… 

My own challenges and struggles are as real as anyones. How I have hurt and disappointed people. I also have been in denial about who I was, how I really have been at times as a person and what i need to be happy.

I can blame my family, I can blame friends, old friends, work colleague or old work colleagues. I can always find someone to blame, to fall out with to attack to make me feel stronger. That’s what we do right? Attack and blame others. Hold onto the fire inside. Attack when ever possible. Never be in the wrong. Never my fault or actions, it’s always the others. Me angry? No, its them.

And then there is Mediumship.

How can I be the best to serve others within what is a spiritual experience if I am not dealing with my own self first? How can I serve other in peace and in a service of love when there is clearly no love for myself or others?

If I really do have love for myself I will have no need to attack the world. I won’t have to make myself feel strong as I will already be strong by being me. I won’t need to create a following of people to idolise me. It’s perfectly fine to just be me, to be you.

Should people follow you because of the service you give, or because they want to be like you or me? I would suggest our way of service is the key. Not a clone of another person or what they believe is service. ‘Do as i do’ is maybe not going to help people move forward in their own development.

Be yourself.

As individuals, we are the only one who can be us, so maybe we could focus on that.

When I am in a position in which I am to serve, I can serve with a full heart because I working to be true to my own souls expression. Living and speaking as truly as I can is therfore going to allow me the best chance to express the true experience of the spirit world. Express this world; express my world. Of course some ideas, ‘teachings’ and possibilities can help along the way, to give some possible direction as long as that direction is helping you to understand your own truth.

Is that not my vocation within this journey? To be in truth, so i can speak and share truth? Or is it to be in anger and denial? I can only give to the outside what is on my inside.

Who is at war with who?

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